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Hood, Thomas: The Comic Annual, 1930

Název:The Comic Annual
Autor:Thomas Hood
Místo vydání:London
Nakladatel:Charles Tilt
Rok vydání:1930
Počet stran:174 s.
Poznámka:Thomas Hood - poet, journalist and humorist, was an important transitional figure between the Romantic and Victorian eras. He “took tea with Wordsworth, dined with Dickens” (ODNB) and was later admired by Auden. His comic verse is characterized by “boisterous fun and terse puns” (ibid) and “provides insight into domestic reading and the development of periodical publishing in the first half of the nineteenth century.”
Kategorie:Humor / Komedie / Satira
Kategorie:English / Angličtina
Stav:Pěkná polokožená dobová vazba

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